1001 Little Pieces of Amber


Activity book about amber  – To explore, learn and have creative fun

  • 64 pages of great fun and learning
  • 20×29cm format
  • For kids aged 7–100
  • Topics of interest to both boys and girls
  • Information about amber
  • Interesting and engaging exercises
  • Hours of fun!
  • ISBN 978-83-968867-1-2

Original title: 1001 BURSZTYNKÓW
Concept and puzzles: Agnieszka Klikowicz-Kosior
Illustrations: Karolina Lasota, Agnieszka Klikowicz-Kosior, stock illustrations
Consultants: Michał Kosior, Professor Jacek Szwedo Ph.D., DSc., Błażej Bojarski, Robert B. Bartkowski
Puzzle testing and support: Nina & Timmy

Publisher: Amber Experts

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Activity book about amber – 1001 Little Pieces of Amber – To explore, learn and have creative fun

Together with the book’s characters, Nina and Timmy, children will have the opportunity to explore the history of amber and learn about its properties.

Remarkable collection of puzzles, exercisesand colouring pages. Created for everyone who wants to discover the world around them. It is the result of the passion of enthusiasts inspired by the beauty of amber.

1001 Little Pieces of Amber will allow children to learn while having fun. You will find out what amber was at its origin. Together, we will become captivated by the wonders which the Gold of the Baltic turns into in the hands of masters.

The only book of this type for girls and boys (from the age of 7).

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